Rain Gutter Regatta

By: Julia Hanauer-Milne, Belgrade, Oakland, & Sidney Elementary GT Program Instructor

Fourth and fifth grade Gifted & Talented students opened the year with a unit about forces – forces that affect sailboats as well as those that affect book characters. After exploring Bernoulli’s principle (it’s what keeps ping pong balls aloft above a hair dryer), students learned how the principle applies to sails and boats. While tracking how forces propelled characters through stories, students used Tinkercad to design sailboats for 3D printing.

Finally, it was time for the Rain Gutter Regatta! The race was on… literally in a rain gutter! As trials revealed problems, students re-engineered to keep their boats upright and moving. It would be safe to say they sailed through this challenge. #WeAreRSU18

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