Celebrating Winter Athletes during CMS Pep Rally

China Middle School recently celebrated their winter athletes with a pep rally. Students cheered as JV and Varsity basketball players and cheerleaders were introduced. The school wished the Varsity teams good luck as they went into their playoffs. Congratulations to the girls for winning the championship!

Congratulations, Lady Clippers: The China Middle School girls capped off an undefeated season in the Sheepscot Valley League with a championship victory on February 16, 2023. Way to go, Lady Clippers!

Pictured left to right –

Front Row: Kelsie Dunn, Max Spencer

Middle Row: Bella Lefferts, Kallie Turner, Sabrina Studholme, Maddy Levesque, Mackenzie Bowden, Emma Wooley

Back Row: Manager Linnea Bassett, Danica Ferris, Kelty Pooler, Khloe Clark, Natalie Peaslee, Jo Jacobs, Annie Miragliuolo, Coach Aimee Lanteigne, Manager Caylee Putek

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