Persuasive Writing Unit Underway

Williams Elementary fifth grade students in Miss Desmarais’ class have been learning how to write persuasive essays. To practice these skills, students have been given the topic of chocolate milk and whether or not it should be served in schools. To best prepare for their arguments, students researched both sides – collecting evidence. Once evidence for both sides was found, students had to determine which side they felt strongly about and create reasons to support their thinking. With lots of hard work, students worked to craft an essay using textual evidence and their own thinking, to connect back to chocolate milk in schools. With the help of Mrs. Quirion’s eighth graders, students worked together to build on their writing, collecting evidence, sorting reasons, and so much more. The eighth graders have been very helpful in providing feedback for the fifth graders’ essays and their help was very appreciated! The fifth graders have had a blast trying to argue whether or not chocolate milk should be served in schools, and they will be sharing these with their peers in the coming weeks. #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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