RSU 18’s Recent Professional Development Day

RSU 18 held a district wide professional development day last Friday, March 17th. Staff were welcome to choose from a variety of workshops throughout the day to strengthen their skills as educators. Sessions included topics on effectively teaching a writing workshop, first aid training, how to set up a digital escape room to strengthen learning, using 3D printers to create STEM projects within the classroom, and so much more!

Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Morin, shares some highlights from the productive day!

  • District staff had 51 different presentations to choose from throughout the day!
  • 358 staff members, including staff from the Vassalboro Community School, took part in the professional development event!
  • The district was fortunate to welcome presenters from Houston, New York City, Detroit, and Sacramento to speak at the event!
  • There was great feedback from the workshop offerings that day!

It was a successful day of learning for all who attended, and staff members were excited to return to their classrooms with the new information they gleaned from their sessions. #WeAreRSU18

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