Kindergarten Jump Start at Atwood

IMG_8928 3This week Atwood Primary School is winding down their Kindergarten Jump Start program. Kindergarten Jump Start is a free, research-based program aimed at ensuring that all students enter school with the literacy skills necessary for success. This year all Atwood kindergarten teachers were trained for the program and were involved in teaching and assessing these young readers. Kahlie Desrosiers and Denice Hatch took the leadership roles this year, while Amy Grenier, Shelly Moody, Maggie Booth and Debbie Gillcash assisted with planning and assessment.

Students’ eligibility was determined through kindergarten screening and a parent night was held on June 2nd to sign children up. From August 1st through August 26th, five days a week, students attended the program that provided them with breakfast, lunch, and four lively hours of instructions. These little learners were also assisted by school age “Bigs,” Syndey Hatch, Sage Grenier, Jackson Grenier, Hailey Lynch and Eliza Dudley.

“Kindergarten Jump Start is a win-win scenario for the youngest learners of RSU 18,” said Principal Jennifer McGee. “It gives children a strong foundation for learning in their kindergarten school year. Children have 13 years in public school. We want the first one to be a successful beginning, setting the tone for a love of learning for the next 12 years!”

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