Eagles in Action

Eagles in Action

When people think of the Sports Boosters, the first image that comes to mind is a smiling face in a concession stand during home games. While this is a very important piece of what they do, the Eagle Sports Boosters are spreading their wings to cover even more.

Under the guidance of the MHS Sports Boosters, over 60 students, parents, and community members came together on the last Sunday before school to give the outdoor athletic facilities a pretty major facelift.  In this first ever “Eagles in Action” event, the group of volunteers spent the day tackling projects that included repainting all of the snack shacks, tearing down the old dugouts and painting the new ones, and adding a new platform and ramp to the soccer field snack shack.

“We had great support from local businesses,” said Booster President, Lisa Burton, “Hammond Lumber, Gagne & Sons, Central Maine Disposal and Native Notions.  We have a very generous business community that pitches in as well.” The Boosters are hoping to make this at least an annual event and they already have a list of projects identified.

This is not the only new incentive for the Boosters this year; they are also working on a  leadership program for student-athletes that they are planning to launch in March. The program would strive to educate students on everything from nutrition to developing character, confidence, and resilience, while also working to address challenges such as drug use and appropriate social media use. The hope is to instill leadership skills that will serve students in many areas for the rest of their lives.

“Boosters support many things throughout the year,” said Mrs. Burton,“but most are focused on fundraising because our primary goal is to raise money to support the athletic programs.”  If you want to help out, the Boosters are always looking for volunteers for their concession stands and for the November craft fair.  If you are interesting in volunteering go to allsportsboosters.com and click on the volunteer tab at the top. Volunteers can also email the group directly at messalonskeeboosters@rsu18.org.


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