MHS Juniors to take SAT’s on April 10th


For members of the junior class at Messalonskee High School and around the country, testing time is just around the corner. Both the SAT and science augmentation assessment are on the calendar next month, both of them slated to take place before spring break.

School counselor Kara Sprague acknowledged that the two standardized assessments are scheduled in rapid succession, with the science-augmentation on April 5 and the SAT on the 10th. But the options for testing dates were quite limited, she said.

“We only get a small window to do the science augmentation test,” she said. “I think it’s from April 2 to the 15th, so we really don’t have a choice.”

The SAT, meanwhile, is mandated to take place for juniors on April 10. Sprague said about 95 percent of Messalonskee juniors take the assessment, which colleges across the country use as one means of evaluating students in the admissions process.

Messalonskee, like many high schools, used to administer the test on a Saturday, but about three years ago, the school opted to have it take place during the school day.

Sprague described it as a wise decision because it enhanced access to the test for students. Before the change, she said, some students faced challenges getting transportation to the high school on a Saturday.

Juniors are able to take the SAT at no cost. They also have the ability to send their scores to four colleges of their choice for free. Sprague encourages students to take advantage of this opportunity, which must be done at registration or within 10 days of completing the test.

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