WES Author Visit and Service Project

April Newsletter

 Each year the students and staff at Williams participate in a “one book, one school” event. This year the book Maxi’s Secrets (Or, What You Can Learn From a Dog) by Maine author, Lynn Plourde, was selected as our community read.

All of the teachers at WES will be reading aloud Maxi’s Secrets prior to Lynn Plourde’s author visit on April 11.  Many of the classrooms are tracking the life lessons that main character, Timminy, learns from Maxi.

In honor of Maxi, Mrs. Moody organized a community service project with the Waterville Humane Society. Families are invited to donate items for our local animal shelter.

On April 11, our school-wide community reading day will kick off with a brief assembly with a representative from the Waterville Humane Society thanking the school community for their donations. During the day, Lynn will be sharing an hour presentation in the WES library with each grade level. Her presentation will focus on the story behind Maxi’s Secrets along with some writing insights and advice for our writers.

That evening Mrs. Moody and Mrs. Kroemer will be hosting a K-5 Title 1 Literacy parent event with Lynn Plourde. Lynn is hoping to share her new book Wake Up, Baby Bear, as well as a fun, interactive play.

Mrs. Moody purchased a copy of Maxi’s Secrets for all of the Title 1 reading students. Lynn will give each student their autographed books during the evening event. We are looking forward to another exciting community event at WES celebrating our love of reading!

Ways You Can Donate to our efforts to support the Waterville Humane Society:

• Canned kitten & cat food – most needed!

• Dry food – most needed!

• Bleach • Jars of all meat baby food

• Dog & cat toys

• Food puzzles

• Cat towers

• Stretch and scratch pads

• Flea/tick preventive

• Rubbing Alcohol & peroxide

• Cotton tip applicators & round pads
• Cotton balls

• Hannaford, Shaw’s, Sam’s Club gift cards

• Target, Walmart, CVS, Home Depot gift cards

• Paper towels

• Dawn Dishwashing liquid

• Trash bags (55 gallon size heavy duty)

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