WES Book Tasting

Toward the end of the summer, Williams Elementary School staff started some online fundraising to help students get more excited about reading. Scholastic Book Club offers a $1 book each month, so teachers hoped to raise enough money to send home a book with every student, each month that they were in school

Fifth-grade teacher Alexandra Cotter’s class was hoping to raise $171 for books.  Instead, they received $427 in donations! The additional money allowed Cotter to meet her class goal and allowed the class to purchase new books for their classroom library.

Rather than simply choose books for the students, Cotter decided to get Scholastics assortment pack of 20 books for $20 and hold a book tasting. She set each book on a paper plate, on top of festive red and white checked tablecloths, and the students traveled around the room to “taste” the different books. Each student was then given a few slips of paper to add their name to the drawings for the books they were interested in.  The students were very excited to take home a brand new book to read and keep as their own.

“It’s so important to get our students excited to learn,” said Cotter, “and this is such a fun way to do it.  I am so thankful that I get to give my students this opportunity.”

Thanks to the WES teachers and everyone who participated in this fundraiser, all WES students will receive 9 books to add to their personal libraries this year.




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