What Learning Looks Like at MHS

A few months ago, Messalonksee Principal Paula Callan started posting photos of  “What Learning Looks Like” at MHS.

“We find that when students are asked by their parents what they did in school on any given day the response is usually ‘nothing,'” said Callan on her new page. “We hope to give you a better idea of what goes on in the classrooms at MHS by sharing with you a visual story of what the students actually do learn.”

Here’s this month’s “What Learning Looks Like at MHS.”

“Last week was a great week to be the Principal of Messalonskee High School. I was able to see our students participate in some amazing classroom activities, compete in the MMTC Local Skills Competition, as well as swim in a meet against Brunswick on Friday night. I have attached photos from these events so that you can see what our students are learning both in the classroom and in the athletic arena.

The first photos are of students in Mr. Burbank’s Forensic class analyzing a crime scene. The scenarios were very real looking and students were having fun analyzing the evidence and coming up with their own conclusions as to what transpired at the crime scene.

The next set of photos shows our students competing last Thursday night at the MMTC Local Skills Competition. In the first photo, you will see Dan Miller who is competing in the Machine Operations competition. Next is Dean Simpson who is working a computer in the Apple Tech/Networking program. Jayden Lenfestey is enrolled in the Childcare program and had to come up with a game for young children to play that incorporated the 4 seasons and animals connected to each season. Austin Bedsaul can be seen working on specific knot tying that is part of his skills competition. Jasmine Lambert is all smiles as she works on her filming assignment in the Broadcast and Multimedia competition. Finally, we had 4 students compete in the Nurse Assistant competition. Pictured are Olivia Lagace, Rylee Poulin, Kaitlyn Berthiaume, and Emma DiGirolamo.
And finally, attached are photos of the swim meet from last Friday’s meet where our swimmers did very well and beat Brunswick.”

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