BCS Author’s Tea

The fourth graders at Belgrade Central School in Mrs. Holinger and Mrs. Lachance’s classrooms have been busy writing realistic fiction stories for the past 6 weeks. They have been working their way through the Lucy Calkins Units of Study Narrative Unit.

Student authors started by imagining stories that they wish existed in the world, then developed believable characters and plotted out a story arc. After spending a couple of weeks developing their story ideas, student authors were finally ready to start drafting scenes that focused on using action, dialogue, and character thoughts to bring their stories to life through the eyes of their readers.

On Friday, February 15th, student authors were ready to share their publications with readers. Parents of students as well as staff members from BCS and even Assistant Superintendent Morin filled Mrs. Holinger and Mrs. Lachance’s classrooms for an “Author’s Tea” to celebrate the end of this writing unit. There were stories full of friendship, adventure, and beloved pets. Cookies and assorted iced teas were available for everyone to enjoy after student authors read their stories to small groups of classmates, parents, and teachers.

by Shawna Lachance, BCS fourth grade teacher

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