Animal Adaptation and Aquarium Explorations at BCS

written by Laura Wight
Our third-grade class just recently wrapped up our unit on animal adaptations. We explored different environments such as the ocean, wetland, dessert, and more. As a class we talked about and read different case studies about how different animals adapt to the environments they are living in, in order to survive. Students were able to understand that animals have different adaptations and that they are very unique.

As a wrap-up, students were put into groups where they had to create a “creature” that lived in a specific environment. Based on that environment students in the group had to come up with different adaptations their creature would have in order to survive. Students did such a good job using their imagination and coming up with different adaptations. There were four students in a group so each child was in charge of coming up with an adaptation. One dealing with the head, legs, body, and arms.

Students really enjoyed this project. On May 24, students were given the opportunity to further their understanding about specific animals and their living environments/adaptations as the entire third grade traveled to the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor for a field trip. We got to see many different ocean animals including sharks, jellyfish, lobsters, sea cucumbers, and more. Students were given two different presentations. One presentation was on sharks where students learned about the number of teeth different sharks have and what they need them for and were also able to touch the sharks to get a better understanding of their skin and how they move. The second presentation was about lobsters and included the different parts of a lobster and how people in Maine catch them. Students were even given the opportunity to go out on the docks and see the different lobster traps that are used. Students really enjoyed the presentations and the hands-on activities they were able to partake in. They especially loved the touch tank!



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