Skeletons are Alive and Well at JHB

The head bone connected to the neck bone, the neck bone connected to the backbone, the backbone connected to the hip bone……Or should we say the Cranium connected to the clavicle, the clavicle connected to the spinal cord, the spinal cord connected to the ilium?

Students in the fifth grade at James Bean School were given a special project in which they used their iPads to record the process as they built a skeleton.  Working in pairs, they progressed from cranium on down to femur and tibia, photographed each step, labeled the correct parts and then worked in their google docs to write a simple “Skeleton” code, using their pictures as a point of reference.  

It was great to use an older song to inspire a way for us to use modern technology!  Ultimately, we did manage to learn about the skeletal system and engage in a fun seasonal project along with dusting off our coding and implement our typing skills.  Win, win and win.  

written by Lynn Frasca

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