Author Tamra Wight visits Williams Elementary!

Maine author and wildlife photographer Tamra Wight visited Williams Elementary on October 23rd for an all-day school visit and literacy night. 

Students were treated to some phenomenal photos and videos, taken by Tamra herself, of loons, eagles, foxes, and bears. Tamra took students through her writing process, but mostly emphasized and modeled the need for quality details in any good writing.  She is a joy and her excellent presentations and Maine based novels thoroughly engage the students. Tamra also revealed that she will soon start work on her next book, The Mystery of the Missing Lynx, we can’t wait!  

 At the evening literacy event for families, Tamra shared a presentation about her journey as a writer. Students were inspired to see Tamra’s first handwritten book when she was in elementary school!  She explained her journey beginning as a writer in elementary school to her success as a published author. Tamara highlighted people and events that impacted her writing and provided ideas for her stories.  She also shared amazing animal videos and photographs of her research process. 

 After Tamra’s presentation, families gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy a variety of activities connected to the Cooper and Packrat mystery series.  Students had an opportunity to play a board game with loon facts, explore animal tracks with stamps, enjoy a delicious S’more, use fun props in our photo booth station, and apply their math reasoning to solve an esti-mystery.  Tamra spent additional time signing books, taking photos and chatting with families. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Atwood-Williams PTA and our Title 1 Reading program, every student received a signed copy of Mystery on Pine Lake.  This type of support to ensure all readers can connect with an author every year is rare and wonderful. The students, staff and entire WES community of readers are so grateful.  

Written by Shelly Moody

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