CMS JMG Organizes First Responder Celebration

JMG organized a First Responder Celebration Day at CMS on Monday, October 28.  We had the opportunity to celebrate the service of our local responders as students lined the hallways cheering on the responders as they entered the building. 

We then gathered in the library where each responder spoke about their career path and the critical need for our young people to explore careers within public service. 

Eighth graders Kaylee Fyfe and Alexia McDonald highlighted the important role of a dispatcher. “First responders wouldn’t know where to go without their communication.”

First Responder Day - Group pic


Professionals representing the following agencies joined us for the event;

Game Warden Service – David Ross

Mikael Nunez – Maine State Police

Shawn Porter – Maine State Police with K-9 Myka

Dan Brockway – Delta Ambulance

Michelle Grass – Delta Ambulance

Tim Theriault – Chief China Village Fire Dept. 

Ivano Stefanizzi – Kennebec County Sheriff Dept.

DeeDee Roberge – Dispatcher Maine Dept. of Public Safety 

Peggy Barrett – Dispatcher Maine Dept. of Public Safety

Bill Van Winkler – Chief Weeks Mills Fire Dept.  

Shawn O’Leary – Chief Winslow Police Dept. 

Tracey Frost – Oakland Police Dept. and SRO RSU18

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