WES Black Bear Book Award 2019-2020


We are gearing up for the Black Bear Book Award Program at Williams Elementary and things are a little different this year. Your friendly WES librarians want to offer a more inclusive program and encourage a school-wide culture of reading. We have a stellar list of 50 new titles (give or take) ranging from graphic novels to nonfiction and we are getting ready for them to fly off the library shelves in December.

This year, with student input, we will set a reading goal for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students and have a friendly competition to see which classroom can read the most books.  Fast and easy exit slips, available on the library website, will be accessible to students from home, at school and during library time. These will be counted weekly and updated on a graph for classrooms to see their progress. ALL students will be participating in the end of the program reading celebration with a book raffle, a snack and time to socialize and chat about books. The winning classroom will be celebrating with a little something extra.

written by Kathryn Bailey

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