Being charitable in 1st Grade

This past week Mrs. Dunn’s 1st-grade students learned all about the words “charitable” and “kindness.” We read the book Maddi’s Fridge, a story about two young girls, one of whom is less fortunate than the other. She didn’t have food in her fridge. Her friend saw this and knew she had to help. The story ends with one of the girls asking her mother to help this other family. They collect a bunch of food and bring it over.

Charitable book.jpg

The story stirred up a discussion about what it means to be charitable and we ended up coming up with multiple ways to perform acts of kindness. 

I then asked parents to take pictures of our 1st-grade students performing acts of kindness at home or in the community.  Our students used these pictures to create small moment stories about an act of kindness.  We also created turkeys to send to a nursing home in order to spread a little Thanksgiving cheer! 

This week warmed my heart and I have a feeling it will leave a lasting impression on all of these 1st-grade kiddos. 

written by Brittany Dunn






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