Colby Cares about JHB

JHB is very excited to have collaborated with the Colby Cares About Kids (CCAK) program at Colby College.

We have several Colby students who make the trek out to Sidney every week to spend an hour, sometimes more, with their mentees and mentees’ classmates. Smiles from ear to ear can be found on both our JHB students and the Colby students. As one of our mentors stated, “I am so happy during the time that I spend here, this experience is so much more than I expected.” It is very evident from all the students that get to interact with the Colby mentors that they too are very happy and gaining a great deal from this experience.

In the days and moments leading up to their mentor’s arrival, our JHB students eagerly wait for their “college buddies”. Smiles, laughter, and positive interactions are plentiful during the lunch, recess, and specials times when the mentors are typically able to visit. JHB is very grateful and proud to be a part of this opportunity within our community. 

Colby JHB 2



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