Music Education with a Heart

When the results of scientific studies meet up with music and community service, beautiful things can happen. That is exactly what has been happening in RSU 18 for decades.

The fifth and sixth grade choirs, under the direction of music teachers, Pam Rhein, Kevin Rhein, and Amy Peterson have been visiting area nursing homes twice a year, in winter and in the spring. The groups share their excitement and love of music with scores of elderly residents who frequently can be heard singing along with the students.

This particular segment of our community cannot attend concerts, so this type of community service addresses an important need. Its impact on the students is just as profound.

Countless studies of the effect of music on Alzheimer’s patients, and the elderly in general, conclude that music is a powerful force in bringing about positive experiences in their lives. That is evident to anyone fortunate enough to witness these musical experiences.

The RSU 18 music program continues to offer opportunities for students to bring their musical accomplishments out into the community throughout their years as members of the school’s bands and choruses.

This is truly, “music education with a heart.”

written by Kevin Rhein



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