A Very Pleasant Holiday Surprise for the JHB Library

The phone rang in the James H. Bean Library a week before Christmas break. There was someone in the office who would like to speak to the Librarian. Not quite knowing what to expect, I made my way down and met Germaine McLellan, a lovely woman who wanted to make a donation in memory of her mother. I walked her down to the library, gave her the 10 cent tour, and thanked her profusely. Her mother, Laurette Ayotte, taught kindergarten at JHB and believed deeply in the importance of education and especially in fostering a love of reading to be successful and happy.

In the months that followed, two more donations came in from different members of the family, who, in lieu of swapping Christmas gifts, decided to invest in the school their mother taught at. We are extremely grateful for this rare and wonderful gift, but unsurprised that the children of a teacher would value and support our future generations.

The time before Christmas vacation is a bit draining, for everyone. Students, teachers, administrators, and families are all digging deep to make it through the excitement and exhaustion of the holidays. However, there does seem to be something that I can’t quite put my finger on that sets the holiday season apart from other times of the year. I think this time of year gives us permission and space to think of others. I think the word I am looking for is goodwill, and this family certainly embodies that spirit and follows through with their convictions. We are looking forward to the new titles we will purchase with these generous funds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kate Bailey

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