CPS World Wildlife Foundation Work

Second grade is at it again! This January, CPS second graders have been researching endangered animals and preparing to lead a whole-school World Wildlife Assembly at the end of the month.

Cooperative groups have chosen various endangered species to raise awareness about the needs those animals have and the threats they face. Through student prepared scripts, keynote presentations, and campaign posters, the second graders will present their various animals and have the school body vote for the animal they would like CPS to “adopt” for the 2019-2020 school year during their student-led assembly.

All through the first week in February, second graders will be selling trail mix during our school-wide snack block and all money will be sent to the World Wildlife Foundation to adopt the chosen animal!

1 Comment

  1. Bryan , I love that you and your class are trying to help endangered animals! Wow what a big task and I am so happy and excited your class is trying to support these animals! Let me know when your trail mix is available and I will buy one to help out!
    Loved seeing the picture of you and your class! Myrna


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