Gratitude for Our Volunteers at CPS

China Primary students showed their appreciation to a special group of people on February 14th.  Volunteers were invited to attend a breakfast and presentation given in their honor.

Pre-K and kindergarten students presented a banner with their handprints, thanking the volunteers for “Giving us your helping hands.”  First graders read the message in a very large thank you card they had created and signed. Second graders presented each volunteer with a small gift of mason jars filled with tootsie rolls, thanking the volunteers for “the role they play in our school”.  Third graders wrote and read poetry describing how they value the help of the volunteers. Lastly, the fourth-grade chorus sang a song of thanks and all fourth-grade students chimed in their “thank yous”.

There was much gratitude expressed by the students and also the volunteers who appeared touched by all of the students’ efforts.

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