March Madness Kick-Off

For the past five years, WES has celebrated our love for reading during the month of March with a school-wide March Madness tournament. All classrooms will read 16  nonfiction picture books on a wide variety of topics including inventors, space, animals, athletes, and historic events. Each week students will vote for their favorite books to move to the Elite 8, the Final 4 and eventually our book championship on April 8th!  

WES MM halls 1

This year we added a display of our March Madness Hall of Fame champions to celebrate our past winners! It helps our third graders have a better understanding of the tournament, as well as some of our favorite informational books from the past four years. 

On Friday, February 28, we kicked off our annual event with a school-wide assembly to announce the titles in this year’s bracket!  Shelly Moody, Valerie Glueck, Jason Pellerin (High School JMG teacher), and Dylan Veilleux collaborated to make this year’s kick-off an energizing event! Our annual event began with a highly competitive staff vs students knock out game.  Cheers erupted in the gym as our participants battled it out! In the final matchup, Ryan Sucy knocked out fifth-grader, Zakary Perry, to win this year’s March Madness knock out championship!

Knockout WES MM

We also had a parade of books with a student representative from each classroom.  Our Master of Ceremonies, Jason Pellerin energized the crowd as each book in this year’s tournament was announced! 


written by Shelly Moody

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