Coronavirus update 3/13/2020: extracurricular activities

At this time our schools are still open and there are no plans to close. However, we all know this situation has been changing very rapidly. To improve safety we are making some changes in accordance with guidance we are receiving from the state and the CDC.

At this time, all extracurricular activities after school are cancelled until further notice. With very few exceptions, we will not be allowing our facilities to be used after school or on weekends. This will allow our custodians time to do the extra cleanings to keep our buildings safe. All of our buses and schools are receiving extra cleaning on a daily basis.

Parent-teacher conferences are cancelled. Any parent who wishes to speak with a teacher, please send them a message and they will contact you. Online or phone conversations can still happen to keep parents involved with their children’s education.

I hope you have a safe and healthy weekend.

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