Great Activities for Earth Day!

Earth day is tomorrow, April 22nd! Check out these great Earth Day activities from Team Kindness!

Celebrate Earth Day At Home

Easy tips & ideas to take care of our Earth

The 50th anniversary of Earth Day comes at a time when people feel uniquely connected — yet isolated — by the current COVID-19 pandemic. While many will celebrate virtually, there are lots of great resources on how to take action at home. We invite you to honor this holiday by considering simple lifestyle changes, learning about environmental issues you and your children care about and making fun environmentally friendly art.Educational Resources:

Earth-Loving Lifestyle Tips To Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

Earth-Friendly Art Projects:

COVID Cardboard Creations!

Get ready for Earth Day & give your packaging purpose.

Now that we are “social distancing” and getting many of our necessities shipped to our homes to avoid stores and help “flatten the curve,” cardboard is coming through our front door like never before! Cardboard is a versatile material that can be cut, bent, painted, wrapped, and configured in almost any way imaginable. Whether purely just for fun or to create something practical, let’s up-cycle our cardboard and give our packaging a new purpose!Check out some creative ideas for turning cardboard into fun and functional items for you and your family to enjoy!

We’d love to see your creativity! Please share on social media and use #COVIDCardboardCreations. Thank you!

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