Try These Quick Mindfulness and Movement Breaks from Kids for Peace.

Breather Break

Five deep breaths to calm and comfort

Are you and your kids feeling extra stressed right now? If so, you’re not alone!We invite you and your family to try a simple exercise to decrease stress and increase peace. Sometimes, we just need to take a Breather Break! For additional resources and to learn an easy and powerful breathing technique, please click here.

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One-Minute Wonders

Keep your family moving with a simple circuit workout.

While we are mostly housebound, it’s as important as ever to keep moving! And moving our bodies isn’t just good for our muscles, it’s great for our bones, our brains, and our moods, too! You can use the equipment you have around the house or choose to do exercises that don’t require any equipment at all! Check out our one-minute wonders and keep your family moving!

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