A Thank You to Our Amazing Transportation Department

Prior to the school closing, our amazing transportation drivers worked tirelessly to greet students every day, keep them safe, and keep an eye out for everyone. That has not changed since the school closing as our drivers continue to run a busy schedule delivering meals and instructional packets around the district. 

“What our drivers are doing is nothing short of remarkable,” said Superintendent Carl Gartley. When it became necessary to shut down our buildings, people stepped up to help all over the district.  Whether it was delivering food to any student who needs it, or delivering school work and supplies to students so they keep engaged in their education, our bus and van drivers were right there with them.”

Drivers also jumped into action, scrubbing and sanitizing the inside of the buses in the chilly March weather. They have rolled with the daily changes and challenges and worked hard to meet family needs throughout our towns. 

“Our drivers have all been great throughout this ordeal,” said Shannon Bizier, RSU 18 Transportation Coordinator. “Many times they have come back from a run only to get more meals and go back out for new deliveries.  We are thankful for their dedication, flexibility, and willingness to do whatever is necessary to help others.” 


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