China Schools PTO Hosts Virtual Wellness Week

This week, the China Schools PTO is hosting Wellness Week in a virtual format. Each day,  they will be putting out a challenge based on a theme.  Today’s theme is MENTAL HEALTH and they are challenging you to a game of BINGO!

China School Mental health bingo

“Did you know that our mental health is just as important as our physical health? Our mental health is complex, but there are easy things we can do every day to keep us mentally strong. Ever feel like this 😡 or 😢 but are not sure why? It is important to talk about our feelings so we can get a sense of them. Saying things out loud or even writing them down, helps us organize our thoughts.

Parents- if you are looking for resources on ways to talk about mental health and COVID-19 with your kids, check this out-…/

China families can join in for a chance to earn some prizes. The rest of us can play along for fun and to help keep a little focus on wellness as we work to wrap up the year. Enjoy!




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