More Teaching and Learning in Quarantine

We got so many pictures of what teaching and learning looked like during quarantine, we wanted to share a few more with you.  It was certainly a strange last few months of school and we are so impressed with the resilience of our staff, students, families, and community.

While at home, Atwood school nurse Holly Andre wanted to reach out to Atwood students so she made individual cards and mailed them out. She also attended Zoom meetings that teachers invited her to so she could connect with students and families. Holly and her daughter also took part in a video project called From Our Hearts to Yours, Maine School Nurses Thank Nurses on the Frontline.

Atwood administrative assistant Rhoda Willard chalks positive messages onto the parking lot at Atwood so parents can see them when they pick up lunches and learning materials. 

Kindergarten Teacher Anne Roberts sent out Flat Mrs. Roberts and delivered pinwheels to the children’s yards! She also sent them some sweet summer wishes in the mail.


Krystal Blaisdell has done 32 driveway or parking lot visits with students! 

Baby brother help

Here’s a great picture of one of my kindergarten students Ezra Zoller working on IXL despite having a baby brother distraction.  It cracked me up, and it’s a great example of how home learning is “slightly” different compared with learning in the classroom. 

Denice Hatch, Atwood Kindergarten teacher

Whitlock 1

A couple of students placed a book order in March just days before we left our classroom for the last time.  When the book box arrived a couple of weeks later, there had been an error in processing and most of the order was missing!  I contacted Scholastic and they corrected the mistake and then our shipment got delayed by an April snowstorm!  Finally, over a month later I made some special deliveries to some special students who were excited and eager to read their books!  

I also sent out a flat Miss Whitlock to each of my students and they have taken me on some fun adventures already!  I have been four-wheeling and bike riding, met some baby chicks,  and enjoyed an evening fire with a furry friend.  I have also helped students with their remote learning work and even eaten some birthday cake!

Alyssa Whitlock, CPS 3rd Grade

Our talented Mrs. Gronlie (WES) created beautiful envelopes specific to student interests that included a handwritten letter. Letters were sent to artists that shared their art with her or wrote her a letter during our closure and also to Art Club & grade 4 Sketch Club.


WES Principal Melanie Smith and Guidance Counselor Chad Parisi scheduled virtual Step Up Days for the Atwood 2nd graders.  They introduced themselves, told the students about the school, answered any questions that students had, played a fun ice breaker game “Two Truths and A Lie” (to share a little about themselves and also learn about their new students) and got them really excited to join the WES family next year.  

One of the choices on the CMS 5th-grade learning menu for writing was to thank a postal worker. Some of our 5th graders even got a response back. It was so heartwarming to see another group of essential workers thanked for all that they are doing to keep people connected. We love our mailmen and women!


MMS Principal Mark Hatch held Zoom meetings to meet with each grade level and check in with them before school ended. 


Team Baxter at MMS did a book talk and share before April vacation that was great. Every one of our 6th graders was reading something and shared it with their classmates!! When we asked what’s one book they’d like to read over this summer, many responded with a book that was shared by a peer during that meeting.

We made them individual care packages and delivered them on the last day of school. Each student got the book that they requested in their package. 


Mr. Sheridan’s First aid and CPR classes met twice a week and covered a lot of material on how to treat several different first aid emergencies.  The class also practiced the steps of CPR over google hangout conferences by using pillows for adult CPR and dolls for the infant CPR.  Looking forward to seeing the returning students next fall to certify them on American Heart Association CPR with the training mannequins at MHS.  Students in our Physical Education classes competed fitness trackers and completed videos on teaching sport or movement skills to the rest of the class.


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