Celebrating our Retirees: CMS

The one and only Sue Maroon….

written by Meaghan Murphy

Sue Maroon is retiring from China Middle School after an illustrious 30-year career in teaching. Sue began in 1980 with a self-contained class of 24 6th graders in Stonington, Maine for 1 year. This position was followed by 1 year in Waterville schools, 2 years at West Street School in Fairfield, and in South Gardiner for 3 years. The remainder of Sue’s career has been at our very own China Middle School.

Sue taught a self-contained 5th-grade classroom for the majority of her career.  During the last decade, she taught Social Studies and Science to 5th & 6th-grade students.  It was not unusual to see her dressed as the “Mad Scientist” to conduct science experiments with her classes.  

Sue puts her students first in every decision she makes as a teacher and always makes learning fun and engaging.  She creates a warm and inviting classroom year in and year out and will be missed at CMS for her positivity, personal connections with students, and her exciting science experiment days!

 Sue is looking forward to her retirement when she can spend more time with her 90-year-old mother and travel with her husband to visit their son who lives in Hawaii.  She also enjoys exploring the many hiking trails in Maine and riding on her Spyder Can-Am with her husband and her “besties”.   She will be greatly missed.



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