The Athletic Department at Messalonskee High School is happy to announce the formation of summer workouts at Messalonskee High School.  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the MPA has set up guidelines for summer athletics for schools.  These guidelines follow the NFHS, CDC and DOE guidelines and advice from a variety of health officials.

The workouts will be structured and run by the coaches and other staff of the Athletic Department staff.  The workouts will last approximately 1 hour and will concentrate on conditioning, agility, and flexibility for the first two weeks.  In that time there will be no sports specific activities.  So, no sticks, balls, or other equipment will be used.  Here are some guidelines that will be followed.

  • All workouts will be done outside.
  • Bring your own water, no sharing!!!
  • Follow 6-foot social distancing protocols.
  • Each athlete will be assigned to a group of 10 or less with 1 coach.
  • Groups will not interact with each other.
  • Each athlete and coach will be screened for at least the first two weeks at each session.
  • Dates for the workouts will be July 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, and 17.
  • After July 20th, workouts will transition to more team-based and sport-specific.
  • There is an online registration for workouts, you will be notified of your group and workout times.

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