Vandals again destroy MMS Fairy Houses

At the end of September, Mrs. Ripa’s class headed into the outdoor learning center to set up the 10 amazing fairy houses made by Sam Fegel as part of his Eagle Scout project.  Mrs. Ripa also created a story map to help classes enjoy the learning center and locate each of the houses.  

Sadly, this map and its photos are all we have left of this amazing project.  It was discovered earlier this week that vandals had again destroyed all of the fairy houses. 

If anyone has any information about this awful act, please contact the middle school office. 

In the meantime, please enjoy the interactive map showing Sam Fegel’s hard work and artistry. 


  1. This is very sad. Due to COVID restrictions my son, Sam, still has not had his Eagle Court of Honor. Now the houses he made as part of his project are destroyed and cannot be displayed when restrictions are lifted and he can hold his Court of Honor. 😔


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