Proud to be A Clipper

Last month, China Middle JMG 8th graders took a little time to reflect on what makes them proud to be a China Clipper.

I’m proud to be a China Clipper because…

….We are a team. We always help people and care for others. People are willing to help in any way. There are a lot of leaders who are helping get things done. ~Jayda Bickford

…We are taught to work together, use everyone’s skills and put them together to achieve one big goal.   ~Lillian Crommett

…I feel like we are kind and I can now help the younger kids and show them around. ~Lauren Cowing

…All of my teachers truly care about me and it makes me feel safe and comfortable, I’m glad I have a support system in a place. ~Chloe French 

…I love all the classes that are offered. I love band.  We have a great band program. ~Kaeleigh Morin

…Staff members in our school are amazing and really care about all their students. ~Sadie Pierce

…Our school is a welcoming place. When I arrived in 7th grade, I was able to make some friends quickly.  ~Lainey Robitaille

…How much work everyone puts in this school to make the classrooms look as neat as possible.  ~Kyle Scott

…The people involved at CMS are all great people.  I’m glad to know and have them as mentors. Not just the staff but the students too. ~Kalli Duvall 

 …The teachers and students are like a second family. ~Emma Mills

…We are able to support our community and help people.  CMS is a big part of our town.   ~Dalorice Vires

…Our school is a very welcoming place, both staff and students.  We have fun playing sports and win championships occasionally.  ~Justin Ree

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