CMS 5th Graders Design a Moon Colony

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Averill’s science class and Ms. Chamberlain’s ELA class completed an interdisciplinary project in which they examined motivations for building a colony on the Moon, identified problems to human survival on the Moon, and developed solutions to these problems by designing a Moon colony.

At the same time, students worked to craft an engaging, clear, and informative five-paragraph essay to explain their ideas.

At the end, students celebrated with a “publishing party” that included students reading aloud their essays, presenting their visual representation of their Moon colony, and an “astronaut” freeze-dried ice cream snack.

The students’ effort and creativity were clear in their written work and their visual representations, which included dioramas, labeled diagrams, and 3D print designs in Tinkercad. The students enjoyed the work and look forward to more projects like this in the future!

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