MEEA Grant Awarded To MMS Science Teacher

Science teacher Amanda Ripa was awarded a MEEA Outdoor Learning Grant last month.

Mrs. Ripa is excited for the grant because it supports her preferred style of teaching. Even before the pandemic, Mrs. Ripa has always tried to get her students learning and exploring outside. She plans to use the grant to purchase new equipment to help them take their explorations even further.  

She will be purchasing 20 binoculars and 5 sets of uHandy mobile microscopes.  The binoculars will be used to enhance nature observations and the mobile microscopes will help middle schoolers explore microorganisms in the school pond. 

“Science concepts and connecting with nature are much more real when they are done outside,” said Ripa, “and in our current state I want to provide my students with stress-free, engaging, ways to learn.”

Congratulations, Amanda Ripa! Keep up the good work!

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