Winter Wonderland At CPS

As we all know,  the 2020-2021 school year has presented teachers with many new obstacles. One of which has been creating a learning experience for our students that is as close to that of a regular school year as possible. 

With that in mind, the CPS kindergarten teachers agreed that we had to find a way for our students to experience one of the most magical days in K, Winter Wonderland.

An email was sent and a google doc was created. With the help of many students and staff, this special day began to come to life. Decorations and murals were created, ornaments and book marks were made. Reindeer food and headbands were put together.  We even had staff sign up to be Mr. and Mrs. Claus for our event!

When the day arrived, China Primary was a buzz with excitement. Our Pre-K, K, and grade 1 classes each took a turn to walk down the magical hallway while collecting items made for them by fellow students. The look of happiness and sheer joy on our young learners faces was priceless. 

The older students who made it happen for them were so proud. A third grade teacher shared that after the event, one of her students was teary-eyed when talking about how she felt watching the amazement on the little kids faces.   In the most difficult of times, a memorable tradition has begun. 

By Amy Naegely

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