Ten Days of Christmas at CPS

By: Tori Imes

On top of our December studies, our second grade class jumped into celebrating the holiday season with the “10 Days of Christmas!” Each day for the two weeks leading up to Christmas break, our second graders had a focused festive theme to get in the holiday spirit!

Our kiddos enjoyed “Snowflake Day” where we decorated our classroom to look like a winter wonderland, “Snow Day” where we went sledding together, “Giving Day” where we wrote Christmas cards as well as made our kindergarteners reindeer ornaments. “Santa Day” was epic with the students engaged in a STEM challenge to help Santa safely land his sleigh – launching their contraptions off of our table.

We were blessed by our amazing CPS kitchen staff who baked fresh, warm cookies and brought our class chilled chocolate milk as we made memories together for “Polar Express Day!” From ornament making, to gingerbread decorating, to candy cane playdough mixings, holiday read-alouds, and Christmas around the world Lego challenges – our class shared many giggles and made wonderful memories together! 

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