Delicious 3d Printing Project at MMS

By Mrs. Haskell 


Ms. Fish’s technology classes are currently learning to use the Tinker Cad program to run the 3D printer. They are designing and making cookie cutters. Some students designed trees, skates, footballs, and such. Each shape takes about two hours to print. 

First, each student had to draw on a piece of paper their design and label all sides/circumferences, lengths, widths and heights in mm. Then they had to learn how to use the program to design their cookie cutter. Finally, they were able to begin printing. 

“I like how Tinker Cad allows you to create shapes and build things. You can combine given shapes and even create your own shapes,” said Grady Tibbetts. ” I like anything dealing with cookies,” said Jillian Webster. ” I like to make random things with it so I don’t get bored,” said Gabby Davis. 

Then as an added treat, Ms. Fish brought in cookie dough, and students cut out cookies, baked them, and decorated them with icing. The best part was, of course, eating them afterward.

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