Athletics Update

by Chad Foye, Athletic Director

It was a very different and odd fall sports season for all involved.  You should all know that our school and athletic teams came through all of the obstacles and distractions with great results.  I could not be more proud of how our athletes and coaches dealt with the situation this fall.

We started in July with agility and conditioning sessions.  We had great participation rates and work ethic, then progressed through sports sessions that worked on individual skills and then eventually toward team development.

Our coaches dealt with many changes in schedules and rules.  They had to work with new bus protocols, a couple different start dates, new sideline and bench rules, new game protocols and a pile of other obstacles.  As I said earlier, they began with conditioning and agility sessions and worked through individual skills and up to team drills.  I think they spent a month without being able to do any competitions in practice.  Through all of this, you could see them teaching new skills, game strategies and helping our athletes learn new ideas.  We are fortunate to have all of  the dedicated coaches that work with our teams throughout the year and that was evident with our fall coaches.

Our athletes also did a great job.  I am sure when we began in the summer with workouts and no sport skill sessions, they were having doubts about what was happening.  But, they never let that be an issue.  They continued to work through some trying times with their sports.  I was not sure how many times you can work on stances and positioning in football, or dribbling soccer or field hockey balls for two hour sessions; but our athletes stuck with their programs and worked very hard.  They showed how much they cared about their sports and individual improvement.  Then going through a season with no playoffs or post season and competing the way they did was a tribute to their coaches and themselves.  I was impressed with seeing this throughout the fall.    

We are embarking on the winter season and there will be some more obstacles to overcome here as well.  We do not know much about how the seasons will run or what they will look like as far as number of games and game dates and such.  When we find more of this information, we will let you know.  Thank you for all of your continued support for all of our athletes and coaches.

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