Support the Cause and Share the Love at CMS

JMG held a school wide event, Support the Cause and Share the Love at CMS, taking the Valentine’s season to a new level. JMG students challenged everyone to raise money for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in honor of Jacob Seigars.

Jacob was a student at CMS and a member of our community. He sadly lost his courageous battle with cancer in August of 2020. Jacob was, and continues to be, an inspiration to so many. His bright smile, compassion, and grit was always on display. Jacob was a great advocate for the Barbara Bush Children’s hospital, Maine’s only full service children’s hospital.

CMS students paid to participate in spirit week events, JMG students sold lollipops, Bar Harbor Bank and Trust donated, and Coach Chamberlain’s JV boys basketball team helped raise funds with a Foul Shots for Seigars event. In the end, together we raised $4,100 for the Barbara Bush Children’s Center in Jacob Seigars name. From all of us at CMS, thank you to everyone that helped bring this event to fruition or donated to our cause. #seigarsstrongforever

Foul Shots for Seigars was live streamed on the CMS YouTube Channel. Throughout the coverage of the event, members Coach Chamberlain’s boys JV Basketball team shared about the cause and what this event means to them. 
“Each player asked sponsors to donate to participate in this event. Donations could be made based on the number of shots made or make a flat donation.” ~N. & L. Dow
“It’s fun participating in this event! It’s a little nerve racking though because you want to help raise as much money as possible.” ~J. Pilsbury
Three JMG students distributing lollipops at the end of the Share the Love and Support the Cause event. 

Look at that total! Amazing job, everyone.

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