Improving Behavior Through Connection

Assistant Principal Dillon Clark has been working with a small group of MMS students to improve their behavior and attendance in school.  He doesn’t focus on lectures or consequences, but instead takes the time to connect.

“Dillon has been reinforcing positive behavior by going outside and throwing a football with a couple of boys that “made the grade” on their behavior chart,” said MMS Administrative Assistant Robin Portwine. “The smiles on their faces were evident and their interaction with him was priceless.” Mr. Clark also has a student he shoots hoops with to help reinforce positive behavior. Many people who have noticed a positive change in that student attribute much of it to his time spent with Mr. Clark. 

These positive connections aren’t limited to athletics. Mr. Clark has also formed a Dungeons and Dragons group, with assistance from MMS Librarian Rebecca Cobban, to engage the students who need a positive role model that “understands their passion for the game.”

“He’s a great educator and mentor to these young students,” said Portwine. “ We are so fortunate to have Dillon Clark here at MMS.” 

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