CMS Celebrates Black History Month

Last month, CMS Honored Black History month with a school wide tile art project. During advisory, each student colored a ‘tile’. When pieced together the tiles created the portrait of a famous figure. The artwork was displayed in the windows along with quotes or facts about the individual. 

Students in Ms. Chamberlain’s 5th and 6th grade ELA class engaged in an open discussion about why we honor Black history and researched noteworthy figures that have contributed to Black history. 

5th graders did this by reading 28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World by Charles R. Smith Jr. This story tells readers about 28 significant days in Black history (one for each day of February). After reading the nonfiction picture book, they paired up or worked independently to create a poster for a day of their choice. The poster included a summary of the event and an image. The final products were put up in the hallway to create a large timeline.

In 6th grade, students researched historical figures and crafted a list poem explaining what Black history is. Students also created a visual representation that connects to the language they used in their poetry. Some chose to paint while others chose to draw. Their poetry and art was also displayed in the hallway.

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