Tuesday Me-Time, 3/2/2021 Making it through March

While March can truly be marvelous, it can also feel….long. Cabin fever is really starting to peak and the back and forth of March weather doesn’t help.  We know that warmer temperatures are right around the corner, but what can we do to get through the month. 

Focus on reasons to celebrate 

Check out these 31 Reasons to Celebrate in March

Take advantage of  the last little bit of winter

While we’ve been enjoying a bit of a false spring, March usually means more snow in Maine. This is the last chance to get in some skiing, sledding, and snowman building. Take a little time to enjoy the fun things winter has to offer. If you’re looking for a new activity to celebrate the end of winter, you should definitely consider taking a Starlight Snowshoe Tour with LL Bean

Keep working to beat the winter blues

This time of year can be the toughest for SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  It’s important to remember that even though the days are getting longer, we still may be feeling the effects of the long hours of darkness.  Here’s a short podcast on How to Beat the Winter Blues

For the kids…and teacher

March is particularly tough on teachers and students. Outside time can be pretty uncertain, there are no school breaks, and it feels like a particularly long month.  Here are some self-care tips especially for teachers and ways they can pass on the practice of self-care to their students.

 Start thinking about Spring Cleaning

When you’ve been home way more than usual for nearly a whole year, Spring cleaning takes on a whole new dimension.  Check out these Simple House Cleaning Tips to get you started. 

Give yourself a workout challenge

Feeling sluggish and need to get moving? Try one of these fitness challenges.

Move – YWA March Yoga Calendar

March Fitness Challenges

#1000AbChallenge: The Hardest Challenge Yet?!

Here are a few more tips for How to Get Through March: The Month That Never Seems to End

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