Tuesday Me-Time One Day Late = Wellness Wednesday

Quite frankly, the week got away from me, but I also like Wellness Wednesday. 

This week is focused on March as National Nutrition Month. We have some great content and opportunities for you this week!

We all know that eating healthy food is important, but the truth is that nutrition isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be. One day coffee is good for you, the next it’s bad again, dairy is on and off the good food list, and don’t even get me started about eggs. Here are “20 nutrition facts that should be common sense (but aren’t).

They say healthy eating starts at home, and here are some great tools to get that conversation going with your kids. 

“What comes to your mind when we say the biggest cause of death? Accidents? Homicides? “Diet-related disease is the biggest killer” says Jamie Oliver, our beloved celebrity chef listed as the second Most Influential British Entrepreneurs by Richtopia. In this engaging talk, we are confronted with the reality that diabetes and health issues do not only adversely affect the individual, but everyone around them. However, everyone’s individual effort can help solve this problem; simply by educating our children about food and inspiring families to cook for each other again.https://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver_teach_every_child_about_food?language=en

And a shorter video on healthy eating for kids ages 5-11 

If you’re a snacker like me, you’ll also love this article about 4 ways to make snacks that can improve your health. 

Looking for a sweet treat? This Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday!  Many places have events going on all weekend or even all week.  Things are being done a little differently this year and tickets may be limited. Go to Maine Maple Producers site to find an event near you. And don’t worry, maple syrup has some great health benefits. 

If you want some ongoing inspiration, here are “10 nutrition podcasts to add to your playlist.” 

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