Snowshoeing in Gym Class

Mrs. Bentley’s Third Grade

Mrs. Larrabee spent some time in February taking her gym classes snowshoeing.  I was able to join them and we had a blast!  It was a very cold morning, but luckily it warmed up enough we could get outside. 

Once we had our snowshoes on and started moving, we weren’t cold for long!  We broke a sweat and were able to enjoy some fresh winter air.  I could tell all of their faces were smiling under those masks and as soon as we got back to the school they were all asking when we would be able to go again! 

Since February vacation we haven’t had the snow needed and the days are already warming up, but you never know what weather we will get during springtime in Maine.  Maybe a late March snowstorm could give us another chance to go…

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