CMS Student of the Quarter Recognition in JMG

Recipe for Success

Three 8th grade students in JMG earned student of the quarter recognition during the first half and each described briefly their recipe for success;

Quarter 1 

Emma Willey – “I tried to make sure I kept my grades up and if I didn’t like where my grade was I would redo the assignment or test again and again until I got what I wanted for a grade.”

Justin Reed – “I always get my work in on time and have good contact with the teachers. I put all my effort into each assignment and made sure to ask for help when I needed it. My artistic endeavors also helped me impress some of the teachers, for instance, Mrs.Salvadori.” 

Quarter 2 

Lauren Cowing – “I try to make sure I’m completing all of my work on time.  I put in time and effort on all assignments and try to complete the work to the best of my abilities.”

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