Tuesday Me-Time, 4/6/2021

April is in full swing, the forecast shows the temperature trending up, kids are all sugared up, gardeners are trying to keep up with all the tasks needed to get seeds in in time, and we’re all cleaning up from a long strange winter.  

As we said last week, April is a month where we tend to kick it into high gear on a lot of levels. A lot of us are finding that more difficult after a year of living in a pandemic. In fact, many of us are experiencing burnout.  Burnout results from chronic stress and is more than just exhaustion. It can have some serious impacts on mental health. Here are 4 tips from NPR’s Life Kit on how to deal with burnout. 

One way to give yourself a boost and overcome burnout is to focus on the positive and learn to use neuroscience to  “hardwire our brains for happiness”.  In this Ted Talk, neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson gives us a 4 step method to help us overcome the “negativity bias.”

From our friends at Action for Happiness who brought us the Active April Calendar last week, here is a great way to bring this practice into every day, through gratitude.


Stress doesn’t just live in the workplace and children are not immune to it. Here are some tips from Child Mind Institute that can help parents reduce stress for everyone in the family. 

Finally, did you know that among the many things April celebrates it is also Autism Awareness Month?  

If you are looking for good information about autism spectrum disorder or ways to take part and show support during Autism Awareness Month, go here.  

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