Fishing Fun for Atwood!

Mrs. Solis’ class got a great opportunity to go fishing last week! Angela Jurdak, who runs the middle school fishing club, is one of the students’ grandmothers. She not only came down to fish with the whole class, but also brought them each their own fishing pole to keep!

“We didn’t see or catch any fish but that didn’t matter,” said Mrs. Solis. “We laughed, we got messy, we relaxed, and many learned something new.”

Despite the lack of fish, the students were so excited about the experience. They plotted out “how to fish” (having just finished a how to write unit) and wanted to write and draw about fishing when they got back to the classroom.

“This opportunity sparked so much joy for these kids. I got notes left on my table saying, ‘I love fishing Mrs.Solis!'”

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