Tuesday Me-Time: Graduation Week!

It’s officially JUNE! This is a big week for our seniors, and they and their families are very much on our minds this week. 

Congratulations to all of you for making it through such a strange and difficult year. Graduates, we are proud of you and we wish you all the best.

Parents, we cannot thank you enough for supporting your students and our schools through the years, particularly these last two challenging years. Take the time to celebrate this week. Need some tips to get through graduation week? Check out Parents Empowered Podcast: The graduation edition.

Are you still looking for that perfect graduation gift? Check out this list of books for grads. 

We’re loving the Action for Happiness monthly calendars. This month’s theme is Joyful June and “is all about finding the joy in life, even when things are difficult.  Research has shown that experiencing positive emotions in a 3-to-1 ratio with negative ones leads to a tipping point beyond which we naturally become more resilient to adversity. So let’s train our brains to find the joy with Action for Happiness.

National Trails Day is this coming Saturday! Check out our June Parent Healthy Newsletter for a list of great trails in our area. 

We know how tight time is during the busy last weeks of school. Here’s a quick 5 minute stress fix from Yoga With Adriene. 

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