BCS 4th Graders Celebrate School Nurses

Mrs. Lachance’s 4th graders at Belgrade Central School recently joined in on the ShineOnCass Foundation’s project of providing blue hearts for healthcare employee badges.

This all started with #HealthCareHeroes, a national grassroots effort to recognize, unite and thank healthcare providers around the globe for their heroism during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mrs. Lachance’s class asked the ShineOnCass Foundation to post on their Facebook page requesting for people to comment with the name of their heroic school nurse and their school. From there, Mrs. Lachance compiled a list of the school addresses and her students spent their Writing Workshop time writing a letter together (see below) and addressing envelopes to send to school nurses around the state.

They sent blue hearts to nurses all around Maine, and would love to share more. If you’d like to share the name of a heroic school nurse in your community, please contact shineoncass@gmail.com!

Dear heroic school nurse,

Greetings from Mrs. Lachance’s 4th Grade Class at Belgrade Central School! We would like to tell you how thankful we are to you for helping students and teachers during these challenging times. You have gone above and beyond, especially this year, to keep kids like us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are sending you a blue heart as a reminder of how much your work is valued! Someone who appreciates you shared your name with us! We are doing this project as part of a “ShineOnCLASS” Kindness Challenge, which links you with thousands of other #healthcareheroes in Maine, around the country, and the globe!  

     We hope that you will proudly wear this blue heart on your school badge, and be reminded, every day, of how much your community appreciates you! 


With love from,

Mrs. Lachance’s 4th Graders at Belgrade Central School, Belgrade, Maine

& the ShineOnCass Foundation, Oakland, Maine (shineoncass.org)

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